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As more and more wood energy projects have started operations or been announced, it has become even more prudent for traditional energy companies to make sure they are aware of their new "competitors." Many of these same energy companies are also looking to get into the wood energy market themselves, both as a way to increase profitability and as a way to improve public opinion.

Key Challenges and Opportunities

Energy companies are trying to understand the current and expected scope of the wood biomass industry. They need answers to strategic questions such as:

  • How many wood energy plants are open or due to open in my region?
  • What is their expected energy output?
  • What will their raw material costs be?
  • Should we look into opening our own wood energy plant?
  • What would the competition for wood biomass feedstock be?
These traditional energy companies need to have a full understanding of this new market to mitigate their risks and ensure they remain profitable.

How RISI Can Help

RISI can provide detailed information on where wood biomass projects are located, when they are due to come online, how much wood fiber they are expected to consume and what their output is expected to be. We also track regional wood biomass feedstock pricing, detailed information on pulp, lumber and panel mills (fiber sources or competition) and long-term forecasts of raw material supply and demand. In short, we work with energy companies to provide in-depth analysis of their regions, the competitors within them and the potential pros and cons for expanding into the wood biomass market.

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