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Today's political landscape is becoming so focused on alternative energy production and finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that most, if not all, state and federal agencies are developing and refining policies to either promote the expanded use of alternative energies or make themselves more reliant on them.

Key Challenges and Opportunities

RISI is working with state and federal agencies to help them better understand the scope of the wood biomass markets, and to answer key questions such as:

  • Are the policy changes we are pushing sustainable?
  • How will they affect companies not directly addressed in the legislation?
  • How closely is the existing forest products industry tied to the wood biomass industry?
  • How will changes to one affect the other?

How RISI Can Help

RISI can provide detailed information on where wood biomass projects are located, when they are due to come online, how much wood fiber they are expected to consume and what their output is expected to be. We also track regional wood biomass feedstock pricing, detailed information on pulp, lumber and panel mills (fiber sources or competition) and long-term forecasts of raw material supply and demand. In short, RISI has the knowledge of the underlying industries that most government agencies do not, and we are able to combine this expertise with our forecasts of supply and demand and historical price data to provide scenarios on how policy changes can affect the entire forest products industry.

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