Our Expertise

Why RISI is uniquely positioned as the premium information and solutions provider to the wood biomass industry:

  • Our Credibility: Over 90% of the global forest products industry has worked with us for the last 25 years.
  • Our People: Our team of economists and editors have been covering the wood biomass industry since its inception.
  • Our Depth of Knowledge: RISI has the deepest and most thorough understanding of the wood fiber supply chain; we track markets and prices for residuals, mill costs, consumption and outputs, transportation issues, government policies and their affects on the industry.
  • Our Wood Biomass Track Record:
    • We published the most comprehensive study on wood biomass in North American, including price, supply and demand forecasts.
    • We publish the leading wood biomass market report, with a monthly analysis of the markets, regional biomass feedstock pricing and information on newly announced wood biomass projects.
    • We have compiled the most thorough database of North American and European wood biomass projects available anywhere.
    • We have completed dozens of customized consulting projects to companies spanning the entire wood biomass supply chain.
    • We have consulted with numerous industry and government agencies on policy development and impacts.
  • Our Presence: Our team of editors and economists has been invited to speak at countless industry events and trade shows.
  • Our Experience: Our editors and economists have an average of 20 years of experience within the industries that they serve.
  • Our Global Perspective: RISI maintains offices in many major regions of the world, allowing our editors and economists to develop an on the ground perspective on the markets they cover.
  • Our Methodology: Over the past 25 years, RISI has developed a series of integrated models of the global forest products industry. Each model is fully integrated across product areas and geographic regions to capture complex interactions in the industry. Together, the models closely simulate the actual structure of the forest products industry, including price feedback into the demand for each grade, both domestic and export.

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Our Services

Economic Forecasting: RISI provides short-, mid- and long-term forecasting services to the global forest products industries. Our integrated models are based on econometrics, in which statistical techniques are applied to economic theory to create equations that reflect the actual behavior of the industry. The accuracy of each model is tested over time by "forecasting history" to see how the models would have predicted the past. The models are continually refined and adjusted as the structures of the various sectors evolve.

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Market Analysis and Price Reporting: For more than 20 years, RISI has been publishing price estimates for a wide range of forest products, from pulp and paper to wood biomass feedstock. RISI's price reports have consistently found widespread acceptance among those with an active interest in the global forest products industry.

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Custom Analysis: RISI has long been viewed as a "solutions provider" to the global forest products industry, working with clients to understand and overcome specific challenges that they are facing and ensure that they are educated on all aspects of potential business opportunities, to maximize the return on their investments while also mitigating as much risk as possible.

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