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RISI has been serving the forest products industry for over 25 years. Our team of editors and economists are uniquely positioned to provide the most compelling and comprehensive analysis of the North American wood biomass markets.

RISI is uniquely positioned as the premier information provider to the global forest products industry. Executives from over 90% of the world's forest products companies depend on RISI's market analysis, economic forecasts, historical pricing information to help them make better business decisions.

About RISI

Seth Walker

Associate Bioenergy Economist, RISI

Seth Walker is an Associate Economist at RISI. He currently produces RISI's North American Bioenergy Forecast and aides in the production of RISI's International Timber Service. Seth has also developed and initiated the RISI and PFI Pellet Manufacturing Survey, a monthly survey of wood pellet prices, production and shipments, the first of its kind in North America. As a consultant at RISI, he has conducted fiber supply and site selection studies for the forest products and bioenergy industries. Seth previously covered timber pricing in the US South and Pacific Northwest as editor of RISI's Timber Transaction Price Service and Log Lines delivered log price report. Seth joined RISI in March 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Resource Economics and Commerce from the University of Rhode Island and a Master of Science in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, also from URI.

William Perrit

Executive Editor, Wood Biomass Market Report, RISI

William is an analyst, writer and editor for RISI, contributing to the International Woodfiber Report, the Wood Biomass Market Report and the Timber & Wood Biomass News Service. He has written for the International Woodfiber Report since its first issue in 1995, and in 2008, personally inspired the launch of the Wood Biomass Market Report, for which he serves as Executive Editor.

During his time at RISI, William speaks regularly with industry sources and constructs real-world North American monthly market reviews in the pulpwood and wood biomass realms. He also analyzes price trends and market drivers for those raw materials.

Perritt is a graduate of Emory & Henry College with a degree in print journalism. He is a member of both the Forest Resources Association and the West Virginia Forestry Association.

Chris Lyddan

Director, Timber and co-founder, the International Woodfiber Report and the Timberland Markets Report, RISI

Chris Lyddan serves as a woodfiber, timberland and harvesting analyst at RISI. His areas of expertise include North American timber, wood fiber, timberland and biomass price reporting and analysis. His work is also the basis for the company's benchmarking and forecasting services in wood fiber and timberland. Lyddan co-founded the International Woodfiber Report in 1995 and the Timberland Markets Report in 2000, and has been a contributing editor to the Wood Biomass Market Report since 2008. Prior to joining RISI in 1995, Lyddan owned a timber harvesting and log export business, founded in 1979. He holds a BS in Industrial Forestry from Virginia Tech.

Robert Flynn

Director International Timber, RISI

Robert Flynn is the Director of International Timber for RISI. His work involves analysis of trends in international timber supply and demand and trade in pulpwood and sawlogs. Prior to joining RISI in April 2006, he worked for 18 years as a consultant with several firms, including Wood Resources International, assisting clients in understanding trends in forest resources, forest ownership, and industrial development in plantation forest countries in the southern hemisphere, China and elsewhere. In addition, Robert worked for 11 years as a forester, primarily for Champion International in Oregon. His projects include multi-client studies on China's timber supply deficit, and opportunities for investing in South America's plantation forests, as well as recurring publications such as, the Global Tree Farm and Managed Forest Industry, and the International Pulpwood Resource and Trade Review. Robert holds a BA in geography from the University of Texas, a BS in forest management from Northern Arizona University, and an MS in economics from the University of Oregon.

Peter Barynin

Principal Timber Economist, RISI

Peter Barynin is the Principal Economist for RISI's Timber Service. His office is located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. His specialties include natural resource price modeling, forest industry and timber markets, and international trade. Peter has over 20 years of experience servicing the forest industry, primarily as an economist. Peter currently authors RISI's North American Timber Forecast and the World Timber Price Quarterly. In 2012, Peter was the project manager for RISI's World Pulpwood Study. His current activities include leading the development of RISI's timberland valuation models and development of RISI's world sawlog demand/supply analysis to be published in 2014.

Prior to joining RISI in 2008, Peter worked as Branch Manager for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), where he recommended and administered government financing related to industry restructuring initiatives. With the MNR, Peter also held the position of Timber Pricing Specialist, setting the prices for all Crown timber sold from Ontario's 22 million acres of forestlands. Peter taught at Harvard University in 1996, leading the curriculum in Environmental Economic Assessment Methodology in the Kennedy School of Government. Peter holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree from Queen's University, Canada.

Other contributors

  • Seth Walker, Bioenergy Economist

  • Bob Berg, Principal Lumber Economist

  • Bernard Fuller, Principal Wood Panel Economist

  • David Katsnelson, Senior Economist, Macroeconomics

  • Jesse Neese, Director, Benchmarking

  • Ken Tennefoss, Executive Editor, Crow's Weekly Market Report

  • Gary Zauner, Editor, Crow's Weekly Market Report

  • Crystal Gauvin, Senior Economist, Wood Products

  • Kurt Schafer, Vice President Fiber

  • Rod Young, Chief Economist