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Private Equity

The wood biomass market in North America is experiencing a period of explosive growth. It is, therefore, no surprise that private equity firms are exploring the possibilities of investing in this market. Investment opportunities exist on both the supply and production sides of the market, including ownership in timberlands and in new or existing wood biomass production or wood energy facilities.

Key Challenges and Opportunities

In today's markets, private equity funds are trying to assess strategic opportunities such as:

  • Which geographic regions show the highest potential for wood biomass investments?
  • Which types of wood biomass projects will realize the highest returns?
  • Do the projects under currently under review have sufficient and sustainable fiber supplies?
  • Who are the competitors in this space and how entrenched are they?

How RISI Can Help

RISI has detailed information on where wood biomass projects are located, when they are due to come online, how much wood fiber they are expected to consume and what their output is expected to be. We also track regional wood biomass feedstock pricing, detailed information on pulp, lumber and panel mills (fiber sources or competition) and long-term forecasts of raw material supply and demand. In short, we can provide the foundation of information necessary to determine if a potential investment is highly risky or likely to provide a sound return.

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