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North America's wood biomass industry is creating both competition and, in some cases, new opportunities for more traditional forest products industries. Pulp and paper and wood panel producers are seeing more competition for woodfiber, which is their primary raw material. At the same time, more of these same mills are looking to offset their own energy costs by setting up small co-generation operations at their production facilities.

Key Challenges and Opportunities

Pulp and Paper and Wood Products industries are trying to evaluate strategic questions such as:

  • How many new wood biomass projects are projected to open in regions where I have a mill?
  • What will their wood fiber consumption rates be?
  • When are they scheduled to open?
  • Can the wood baskets in these regions support this additional demand?
  • Am I likely to see price increases from my suppliers?
In addition, traditional forest products producers need to stay on top of changing government policies to ascertain how they can benefit from or be put at risk by them.

How RISI Can Help

RISI can provide detailed information on where wood biomass projects are located, when they are due to come online, how much wood fiber they are expected to consume, what their operating costs are and what their output is expected to be. We also track regional wood biomass feedstock pricing, detailed information on pulp, lumber and panel mills (fiber sources or competition) and long-term forecasts of raw material supply and demand. In short, RISI works with traditional forest products companies to help them fully understand how the wood biomass industry and the shifting wood fiber trade flows, as well as the legislation that is coming with it, will impact their businesses.

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