Who We Serve

Service Providers

RISI classifies any industry or organization that supplies materials or services to the wood biomass industry as a "Service Provider". This includes transportation companies, logging and wood fiber providers and equipment manufacturers. In almost all of these cases, the wood biomass industry is providing new opportunities for these suppliers.

Key Challenges and Opportunities

Companies that provide services or supplies to the wood biomass industry are trying to fully understand what their opportunities are. They need help with strategic questions such as:

  • How big is this new industry going to be?
  • Can North American forestlands fulfill the additional need for woodfiber that will be generated by the large number of wood biomass projects that are due to come online?
  • Would it be more profitable for me to supply the wood biomass industry instead of the traditional industries I currently supply?
  • How can I quickly and easily adjust my business to maximize these opportunities?

How RISI Can Help

RISI can provide detailed information on where wood biomass projects are located, when they are due to come online, how much wood fiber they are expected to consume and what their output is expected to be. We also track regional wood biomass feedstock pricing, detailed information on pulp, lumber and panel mills (fiber sources or competition) and long-term forecasts of raw material supply and demand. In short, RISI works with suppliers to both the wood biomass and the more traditional forest products companies to help them fully understand the opportunities that currently exist for them as well as how those opportunities could change as the industry continues to grow and mature.

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